Top 10 Best Twin Mattresses Reviews & Buying Guide in 2020

Best Twin Mattresses
Best Twin Mattresses

Sleep is part of human development and survival. Unfortunately, good, quality sleep appears to be an illusion for some people for several reasons. With deterrents from rest ranging from socioeconomic to psychological, missing out on sound sleeping should not be the norm. One crucial step to having a better sleep for both kids and adults is ensuring you have the best twin mattresses on your bed. That is because, given our different sleeping positions, we each need different mattresses. Our health concerns are another factor of consideration that sleep should help with. For instance, the best twin mattresses for back pain helps align your spine, thus alleviating the pain for better rest.

What is the Best Twin Mattresses?

The answer to this question may be subjective, depending on your persona preferences since there is no right or wrong mattress. However, there is common characteristics fulfillment of which will make a mattress be referred to as the best twin mattresses. When you sleep, the aim is to rest, and thus you want a mattress that supports this objective. Memory foam is well-reputed for this- it conforms to the shape of your body, relieving pressure from those annoying points. It also affords you sufficient spinal support through even dissipation of pressure from the spine to the neck hips and shoulders.

What Material are Twin Mattresses Made of?

The mattress can be made from several materials that fall into two broad categories; natural and synthetic. The most common materials for the cushion layers are polyurethane foam, natural fiber, and polyester. Twin mattresses are mainly made from the polyurethane foam or memory foam, as is it commonly known. The memory foam is a combination of polyurethane and some selected chemicals for increased density and high viscosity. The ratio of chemical combination is specific to each manufacturer hence the differing density and thickness within the same range. Technically, it is referred to as the viscoelastic polyurethane foam or the low-resilience polyurethane foam (LRPu).

What to Look for in Twin Mattresses?

Shopping for a mattress can be a tiring undertaking due to the countless visits on websites and stores in such for the right foam, density, spring, and other individual preferences. There is no right or wrong mattress; it all boils down to who you are as an individual. Below is what you should look for in a twin mattress; Chemical certification- if you have allergies are concerned about chemicals, look for foam certifications such as CertiPUR US or Oeko-Tex to settle your worry. Memory foam- for those who suffer from back pain, this foam is ideal molds to your body for the offering the much-needed support. Cooling effect- for people who get hot during sleep, look for mattresses that distribute heat generated, and are breathable. This distribution will help alleviate the problem allowing better sleep.

What should need to consider while buying the best twin mattresses?

  • Your sleeping position- you want a mattress that will support your body weight while still molding to your curves. As a side sleeper, you should consider buying a soft foam mattress, especially one with inbuilt pressure relief points on the shoulders and hips. Firm foam, dense innerspring are perfect if you sleep on your stomach as they provide the support needed. Backside sleepers should consider buying an in-between a surface that not only supports but also aligns your spine.
  • You toss and turn- if you find your sleep is characterized by frequent tossing and turning, consider getting an innerspring mattress with either pocketed coils, memory foam, latex, or dual-chamber air fills.
  • If you like a bounce on your bed- if you love the bouncy feeling on your mattress, then the traditional innerspring styles are suitable. They provide the bouncy feel you seek, yet they are firmer than their predecessors.

Top 10 Twin Mattresses Review 2020

1. Novilla 10- inch Gel Memory Foam Twin Size Mattress

When choosing the right mattress, you have to factor in several elements to ensure you get the quality rest considering a lot in your life rides on the quality of sleep you get. Fortunately, Novilla understands your sentiments, thus aligning its features to address your needs. It offers excellent support through its memory foam, allowing you to get up without pain hence living up to its slogan “sleep well, love well.”
The medium firm memory foam makes it the optimal choice for any family since it accommodates the different sleeping positions- side, stomach, and back sleepers. This attribute saves you time and effort that would otherwise be channeled towards shopping for individual-specific foam firmness to cater to the needs of each sleeper in your household.

Most Important Features of Novilla 10- inch Gel Memory Foam Twin Size Mattress

  • Gel-infused memory foam- this offers comfort during sleep as it aligns your spine, evenly distributing your body weight for pressure relief. This attribute makes it the best twin mattress memory foam for those with back pain as it helps elevate the pain.
  • 4 layers all-foam system- the technique has yielded ‘just the right; type of twin mattress- not too soft, not too firm. This layering makes it suitable for all sleeping positions and the best twin mattress for everyone at home.
  • 10 years warranty- this duration of cover communicates excellent customer relationship management. Additionally, the 30-days money back return policy ensures dissatisfied customers are assisted for improved quality of life through better sleep.
  • CertiPUR Certified foam- this foam results in odorless and hypoallergenic mattresses as there is no off-gassing nor harmful substances such as mercury or formaldehyde.


  • Improved sleep- the 4 layer all-foam of the Novilla twin mattress makes it the best twin mattress for back pain due to its cradling for pressure relief
  • Health and safety precautions- made from hypoallergenic material and the CertiPUR US certified foam, this is the best twin mattress for toddlers due to their sensitivity
  • Comfortable for all sleep positions- Novilla twin mattress is fitted with a Smart Airflow Comfort Foam that elevates comfort, thus the ideal mattress choice for kids.
  • Suitable for all bed frames- this twin mattress comes in different dimensions allowing for selection to meet your need, whether for a box spring, adjustable bed, or slated base.


  • Pre-conditioning- due to the compressed packaging of the mattress, it has to be left out for 72 hours before using it.

Replacing your mattress should be an easy undertaking. However, with the numerous options around, this simple task can turn stressful quite quickly. Why cancel on other opportunities with the ridiculous excuse of mattress shopping. All you have to do is add Novilla to your cart.

2. Linenspa 8-inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress 

Sleep is an essential need for every individual across all ages and gender. That being the case, one must get quality sleep to fuel the body for the diverse responsibilities it has to complete. A significant contributing factor to ensuring you achieve this is the quality of your mattress. In as much as there is no wrong or right mattress, having one that interferes with the quality of your sleep makes it a wrong mattress. The Linenspa range of mattresses is designed to ensure better sleeping to its customers, including those that toss and turn. You have the freedom to choose an 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch mattress given the distinct needs of each person. The medium-firm foam further adding onto the desirable features of Linenspa as it makes it suitable for all sleeping positions.

Most Important Features of Linenspa Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

  • Medium-firm feel- an 8- inch hybrid mattress foam offers a medium-firm feel to the body. This moderate firmness makes this mattress the best option for kids and guest beds
  • Contouring memory foam- this affords you a luxurious feeling as the foam aligns with the spine relieving pressure points for more comfort
  • Comfort in a box- packaging of the mattress in a box due to compressibility allows for convenient shipping. It also makes moving the mattress into your home more manageable
  • Wide range of options- you have the liberty to select whichever mattress firmness you prefer from 8- inch medium firm to the medium 10- inch medium and the 12- inch plush foam


  • 10 years warranty- this period of cover protects you from manufacturer’s defects, allowing you peace of mind as you sleep
  • It promotes better sleep through the alignment of the spine and the pressure relief points
  • Evenly distributes weight by molding itself to the shape of your body for a relaxing sleep
  • It is made from superior material following safety and health consideration


  • The mattress cover is highly prone to stains and damage from the mixture of your sweating and the natural oils emitted through your skin

Back pains can be severe as there affect our ability to doing routine things like walking and overall quality of life. Getting assistance to alleviate the pain, if not eliminate, is an opportunity one should never overlook. With its ability to align the spine, you should consider Linenspa

3. Signature Design by Ashley – 10 Inch Chime Express Hybrid Innerspring

Nothing soothes you to sleep better than this 10 Inch Chime Express Hybrid Innerspring Signature Design by Ashley. With its high- density foam, the softness it offers is an extra dose of cozy for that deep sleep you crave. The mattress is compatible with all frames and bases- floor, adjustable, or traditional beds. Unlike other brands, once you get one that does match your preferences, you do not have to modify your bed. This mattress fits in within all frames, thus an ideal choice to consider.
The doorstep delivery offered by the manufacture is quite convenient as it saves you time searching for a carrier and reaching an understanding. The shipment fee is a bonus, as it is considerably affordable to accommodate those working with a limited budget.

Most Important Features of Signature Design by Ashley

  • Fire retardant fiber polyester- this material is a type of comfort fiber that adds to the coziness of the mattress for better sleep. This material makes it a perfect fit for light sleepers
  • Gel memory foam- this infusion together with the 360 single-power packed wrapped coils offer lumbar support giving you that ultra-comfort you desire
  • High-density quilt foam- this layer of foam offers extra boosting to the softness and coziness of the mattress, allowing for deep sleep and is ideal for all- kids and adults


  • Compatible with all frames and bases- this mattress is a fit for all bed frames, whether adjustable, traditional, or floor, which makes it the best twin mattress for daybeds
  • Doorstep delivery- choosing a mattress has never been this simple. Once you have identified your ideal twin mattress and are satisfied with its feel and level of comfort, the company delivers it to your door at a pocket-friendly price
  • Hypoallergenic material- the mattress is hypersensitive; thus, it does not trigger allergic reactions in its user. This is a crucial addition when buying mattresses for kids and adults prone to allergies
  • Edge support- the bed has an inbuilt double perimeter gauge individually wrapped coils for additional comfort and body contouring for a deeper sleep


  • If you toss and turn in the night in search of a suitable sleeping position, it takes longer to achieve this with the memory foam mattresses

Working with a small budget can sometimes be constraining concerning the available alternatives to choose from. Fortunately, the price of this mattress is pocket friendly, allowing for premium comfort at an affordable price. In your next mattress shopping, this is a great brand to add to the list.

4. Zinus Memory Foam 6 Inch Green Tea Mattress

The Zinus Memory Foam Mattress is designed with multilayered foams to increase its density, which in turn offers excellent support during sleep. The high-density base not only adds to the firmness of the mattress but also to its comfort. This stability is a catalyst to great rest all year round.
The conforming memory foam further boosts it’s the comfort it accords its users as it reliefs pressure points by molding to the shape of the body. Zinus’ commitment to great support is evident throughout the design. The base support foam is dual purpose as it offers support while at the same time extending the durability of the base of the mattress. This hardened bottom makes it suitable for use on all surfaces.

Most Important Features of Zinus Memory Foam 6 Inch Green Tea Mattress

  • Conforming Green Tea Memory Foam- this material offers comfort and pressure relief allowing for good night sleep. Better sleep is possible because it conforms to the shape of the body
  • Multilayered mattress- this foam provides high-density base support for improved comfort and firmness for better sleep
  • Smartly Shipped Our patented technology – this is the reason behind the ease of compressed, rolled up the packaging and doorstep delivery
  • Base Support Foam- provides long-lasting comfort and durability against preferred frames and bases


  • CertiPUR US certified foam- it is made from quality foam guaranteed durability and performance
  • Smart packaging- this technology allows it to be compressed for ease of shipment and movement into the preferred room
  • Medium firmness- this provides with a satisfying feel offering you the cozy comfort you are after
  • 10 years limited warranty- this affords you a worry-free experience as you sleep well for improved quality of life


  • It takes 48 hours for it to expand and much longer in cold weather affecting decompression time.
    Support and stability are critical components to better sleep as they minimize disruptions caused by shifting mattresses.

This stability eases the frustrations of tossing and turning and assists in finding the right sleeping spot. In case you are a light sleeper, add this to the list of alternatives.

5. Modway Aveline 6″ Gel Infused Memory Foam Twin

Better sleep, the better week is an unwritten rule whenever we talk of sleep. Unfortunately, we continuously find ourselves complaining about how we are tired, even at the beginning of the week. Most times, the reason behind this is lack of enough or quality sleep, which may be due to different factors, one being poor mattresses. The Modway Aveline 6″ Gel Infused Memory Foam Twin can help alleviate this problem. The open cell memory foam aligns with your spine to relieve pressure from the lower back, shoulders, and other pressure points. For those that heat up during sleep, this is a good fit as it is embedded with gel infusion, which is a collection of open cells and ventilation for a cooling effect. You can now sleep soundly during hot nights without the fear of overheating. As you sleep, the last thing you need to worry about is the safety of your mattress. The Modway Aveline 6″ Gel Infused Memory Foam Twin meets the CertiPUR US certification meaning that it is free from hypoallergenic and other toxins.

Most Important Features of Modway Aveline 6″ Gel Infused Memory Foam Twin

  • Open-cell memory foam- this twin mattress aligns your spine which helps alleviate pressure from your neck, hips, shoulders and lower back letting you sleep soundly
  • Gel-infused memory foam- this top layer of the mattress is made up of open cells and ventilation to achieve a cooling effect. This lowered temperature allows for sound sleep amongst kids and adults as it reduces sweating in the hot or humid nights
  • CertiPUR US certified foam- this foam has been independently tested to ensure it is free from heavy metals and formaldehyde and low on VOC


  • Affordability- Aveline is a blend of quality, comfort, and exceptional service at a budget-friendly price
  • 10 years warranty- this limited warranty is an excellent addition to the overall experience offered by the best twin mattress further lulling you to sleep with no worries
  • Cooling mattress- the mattress is designed with open cells and ventilation for cooling and breathing. This effect makes it the perfect twin mattress for adults that get too hot in their sleep
  • Customer satisfaction- Aveline is committed to exceptional service delivery to is clients. This commitment guarantees that complaints are addressed as they arise, thus making them an industry leader.


  • Due to the VOC, the mattresses may produce awful odors as a result of off-gassing, which may be an irritation to the nose if you are sensitive.

If you are a person who is concerned about the health and safety standards of the products you buy, then The Modway Aveline 6″ Gel Infused Memory Foam Twin meets addresses such concerns. It has been inspected and certified as free from harmful chemicals that would otherwise irritate.

6. LUCID 10 Inch 20Gel-infuse dry Foam Mattress

LUCID 10 Inch 2019 Gel Memory Foam Mattress seems to tick all boxes when it comes to looking for the ‘perfect’ mattress. It provides its users with memorable sleeping experiences owning to its gel-infused foam. The TENCEL mattress cover that comes with each purchase is both soft and breathable, making it comfortable to use in hot nights without overheating. This light layer of air improves the breathability and effectively regulates temperatures. The open cells inbuilt in the foam facilitate even distribution of body heat, further regulation temperatures for better sleep. It also can imitate the curves of the body, which aids in pressure relief on the common points- neck shoulders and lower back to improve sleep.

Most Important Features of LUCID 10 Inch 20Gel-infuse dry Foam Mattress

  • Gel-infused mattress foam-  this elevates the sleep experience as it aids in temperature regulation and pressure relief
  • Soft, breathable cover- the TENCEL blend mattress cover improves its breathability through moisture control and temperature regulation as it provides a comfortable layer of air
  • CertiPUR US certified foam- this represents uncompromised safety and performance for quality sleep especially ideal for kids and adults with allergies
  • Responsive open cell memory foam- allows comforting support through even distribution of body weight, conforming to body shape, and alleviating pressure points


  • Pressure relief- this twin mattress is designed with a gel-infused memory foam that helps in relief of pressure points for better sleep
  • Hypoallergenic- the use of CertiPUR US certified foam guarantees your health and safety measures are in place
  • Compressed packaging- this rolled up packaging makes it manageable to set up as it easily fits through narrow stairways and corridors
  • Medium-firm feel- this is a combination of ventilated memory foam and gel-infused layer for greater comfort and rest
  • Budget-friendly prices- the LUCID mattresses are a direct sale from manufacturer to users, which eliminates high retail markup prices


  • Non-water proof- unfortunately, these memory foam mattresses do not have waterproof properties; thus, any contact with moisture might deny you a bed for some time

The LUCID 10 Inch 2019 Gel Memory Foam Mattress is an excellent combination of affordability and quality. The medium-firm mattress provides a comfortable resting surface complemented by ventilation for that cooling effect. It is also quite affordable, considering its benefits.

7. Linenspa 2-inch Gel-infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper

The luxurious feel offered by this topper is one of a kind as it not only curves to the shape of the body; it also aligns your spine and dispenses weight evenly. If you are one who is continuously complaining of body ache, purchasing this topper might be what was missing. It is made from a contouring memory foam that further elevates the coziness and comfort you expect from the right mattress. It is infused with a cooling gel for the absorption and even distribution of body heat for good night sleep. The gel infusion also improves the breathability of the mattress, further cooling and dispersing the heat.

Most Important Features of Linenspa 2-inch Gel-infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper

  • 2″ Ultra-plush memory foam- this foam conforms to the curves of your body, aligning your spine and dispersing your weight evenly. It also relieves pressure points during sleep, making it the perfect twin mattress for those struggling with back pain
  • Contouring memory foam- this foam is infused with cooling gel for a relaxed and cozy sleep. That is because the gel takes in and evenly distributes heat generated for the regulation of temperature
  • Infused gel beads- the mattress foam design incorporates temperature-regulating gel beads that trap and dissipate heat generated. It thus helps to achieve cooling and breathability, which combined eliminates overheating


  • There is a no size fits all approach to topper manufacture. This approach grants the liberty to select a 2″ or the 3″ topper for that perfect fit on your bed
  • A super-soft memory foam that aligns the spine alleviating lower back pain. That allows you quality sleep and getting up pain-free
  • It offers you an affordable alternative to revamping your worn out but a functional mattress, soften a hard mattress and prolong your mattress lifespan
  • It comes with a 3 years warranty, which further aids in the maintenance of your mattress at an affordable price


  • It may require frequent replacement considering your BMI and density of the topper hence costly in at the end

The Linenspa 2-inch Gel-infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper comes in two options, the 2-inch, and the 3-inch toppers, allowing you the liberty to select what best suits you. This freedom ensures that you get the best from your best with the extra boosting and thus better sleep.

8. The Basic Memory Foam Mattress

It is made with a hard bottom foam layer that is hardened to enhance its durability and performance. It increases its strength and stability to take in pressure exerted by different body weights. It is made from an independently tested mattress foam CertiPUR the US and an OekoTex certified top fabric for a safe mattress. These hypoallergic properties are allowing users to enjoy better sleep. It is embedded with air-filled coils that provide an internal layer that supports the body by aligning your spine during sleep. It also helps to maintain the inflated bed shape and firmness during its lifespan.

Most Important Features of The Basic Memory Foam Mattress

  • Twin-size memory-foam- the mattress is made from 3 foam layers aimed to provide optimal softness and comfort during sleep
  • Plush-feeling memory foam- this layer conforms to the contours of the body and thus making the twin mattress ideal for all sleeping positions
  • CertiPUR-US certified foam- this independently tested mattress foam combined with the OekoTex certified top fabric makes for a safe mattress. As the best twin mattress for kids and adults with allergies, its hypoallergic properties allow them to enjoy a better sleep
  • Hard bottom foam layer- the layer at the bottom of the mattress is hardened to enhance its durability and performance. That enables it to not only last longer but also increases its stability to take in pressure exerted by different body weights
  • Embedded air-filled coils- these inbuilt air-filled coils offer an internal layer that outrightly supports the body by aligning your spine during sleep. It also perfectly maintains the inflated bed shape and firmness during its lifespan


  • The wavy surface of the bottom foam layer allows for airflow increasing its stability and support for better sleep
  • The mattress is significant breathability due to the breathing air holes built into the middle soft foam layer
  • It has a memory foam that aligns with your body outline allowing for a comfortable deep sleep  whatever your sleeping position
  • It is a 3-foam layers mattress with differing softness and firmness for comfort, breathability, and stability, all of which affords you quality sleep


  • It is too soft to accommodate adult weight adequately. This flaw affects one’s sleeping position as you try to find a comfortable spot

Finding a mattress that balances softness and firmness is a treasure worth having. With the Basic Memory Foam Mattress, you enjoy sound sleep as it offers comfort and support at with each turn.

9. King Koil Twin-Air Mattress with Built-in Pump

This mattress comes with an internal pump that allows you to prepare the King Koil for home use quickly, overnight guests, and camps. You are guaranteed comfort from the soft flocking layer and inbuilt pillow designed for maximum comfort and rest. Considering the nature and use of a twin-sized bed, this air bed comes with patching kits to fix those punctures and tears. This addition not only shortens the repair time, but it also aids in extending the life and functionality of your air mattress. The King Koil Twin Air Mattress with Built-in Pump is the only twin airbed manufacture that grants a 1-year warranty. The warranty is an indication of their confidence in the quality of their products.

Most Important Features of King Koil Twin-Air Mattress with Built-in Pump

  • Easy to use plug- the internal pump allows you to quickly inflate/ deflate the King Koil for home use, overnight guests, and camps. You can achieve either task in under 2 minutes, which affords you time to let out some air to your desired firmness
  • Waterproof top- the waterproof comfort quilt top allows you to set the airbed on the floor comfortably. The suede top helps keep the bedding in place while its extra spinal support firm mattress affords you good sleeping posture
  • Fully equipped patch kit- the twin-sized bed air bed comes with patching kits in consideration of its susceptibility to punctures and tears. This kit provides you will repair items to resolve the problem and thus extending the life and functionality of your air mattress


  • Comfort is guaranteed with the soft flocking layer and inbuilt pillow designed for maximum comfort and rest
  • King Koil is the only twin airbed manufacture that grants a 1-year warranty. The warranty is  an indication of their confidence in the quality of their products
  • Exceptional commitment to customer satisfaction through tireless efforts to achieve optimal spinal alignment for better sleep. They have taken this quest further by seeking professional assistance from the International Chiropractors Association
  • Is the inflation/ deflation process is easy and manageable, allowing you to achieve full inflation in under 2 minutes? It is the perfect air-mattress for home use, overnight guests, and camping adventures


  • It is prone to tears and punctures, which consume time to repair while slowly reducing its lifespan

When thinking of buying an air bed, simplicity and durability are some of the factors you ought to consider. The King Koil Twin Air Mattress with Built-in Pump is a brand that never disappoints since it is easy to use and quick to set up.

10. Classic Brands Cool 1.0 Ultimate Gel Memory Foam

This mattress comes with a gel-infused ventilated foam that provides a plush and soft resting surface for the night. This comfortable surface allows you to enjoy deep sleep and wake up without pain. Additionally, it has a high-density base foam which provides support while relieving pressure points by conforming to your body. Such relief not only alleviates stiffness and aches but also allows you to get proper rest all night. It is made from the hypoallergenic memory foam in line with the CertiPUR US standards of practice. This certification ensures your mattress is resistant to mold, mites, and bacteria for your health and safety.

Most Important Features of Classic Brands Cool 1.0 Ultimate Gel Memory Foam

  • Combination of premium and high density aerate memory foams for optimum pressure relief and gel-infused a comfortable deep sleep
  • Gel-infused ventilated foam provides a plush and soft resting surface for the night
  • The high-density base foam which provides incomparable support while relieving pressure points by conforming to your body
  • Natural hypoallergenic memory foam made as per CertiPUR US standards of practice. This certification ensures your mattress is resistant to mold, mites, and bacteria for your health and safety


  • It comes with a free shredded memory foam standard pillow. This pillow offers excellent headrest for a peaceful night and a painless wake
  • If you or your kid has allergies, the CertiPUR US standards of practice ensure that this mattress is suitable for use by you as well
  • The skillfully embroidered, stretchable knit fabric cover adds a beautiful aesthetics to your bed together with the  waterfall edges and side panels
  • A 10 years warranty guarantees quality product lowering your sleep levels through a good night’s sleep


  • Non-water proof- unfortunately, these memory foam mattresses do not have waterproof properties; thus, any contact with moisture might deny you a bed for some time

Good night sleep is priceless as hence worth cherishing every time you enjoy it. With the Classic Brands Cool 1.0 Ultimate Gel Memory Foam, you can improve your odds if such experiences are somewhat out-of-reach. The free shredded memory foam pillow further increasing your moments of quality rest.


Purchasing a twin mattress for you and your household might be the best decision you make concerning the quality of sleep. Getting sufficient rest in the night and waking up without any pain, especially for those who suffer from back pain, is worth investing in. However, like any other purchase, prudence should be exercised through personal research to avoid rushed decisions. Memory foam mattresses offer you great benefits from unparalleled comfort to increased durability compared to the traditional models. Their downside, for example, off-gassing which might irritate; thus, research enables you to have a checklist of what is acceptable.