Top 10 Best Mattress Under 1000 Dollar Reviewed in 2020

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things that you can do to help set yourself up for success. That also means getting a good mattress that will allow you to get the proper amount of shut-eye, so that you can wake up rested and ready to face your day. Despite popular belief, you don’t need to spend a ton of money to get a great mattress. As long as you make sure that you have the best mattress under $1000, you will be good to go!

There are lots of things to consider when you are looking for a good mattress. Before we conducted our research, we narrowed down the key features that you need to take into account before you get a mattress. We looked at different kinds of mattresses, as well as different thicknesses and firmness levels. We also made sure to look into the different kinds of warranties and certifications that only the best types of mattresses would have.

Need a new mattress on a $1,000 budget? Here’s what you can expect.

When you’re in the market for a new mattress, there are many factors to consider including your sleep style, health concerns, and of course, your budget. If you’re shopping for a mattress with a budget of $1,000, you should know that you can get a quality bed for that price.

There is a wide array of good mattresses to be had on a reasonable budget including those that will keep your spine aligned, contour your body for a restful night’s sleep, and meet all your needs. Check out the types of mattresses to choose from and our top picks for the best mattress under $1,000.

We rated the top five mattresses on the best value for the price, firmness rating, quality of materials, customer service, and return policy in case there’s an issue. Use this guide to see what features you can expect on a mattress in this price range and to find the best quality bed for your budget.

Top 10 Mattresses under $1000

All in all, we spent hundreds of hours combing through thousands of user reviews to put together a comprehensive list of the best mattresses on the market under $1000. We then delved into these mattresses further and put together detailed reviews so that you can easily pick the best mattress for your needs. Of course, you can also check out our buying guide if you still need to learn more about what to look for in a good mattress.

Name and Features Image Rating Price
1. Layla Sleep Memory Foam Queen Mattress (Editor’s Choice)
Highly durable and reliable pick (thanks to the lifetime warranty it comes with), with a built-in cooling system, is good for any sleep position
Layla Sleep Memory Foam Queen Mattress View On Amazon
2. Tulo Firm Foam Mattress (Runner-Up)
Consisting of four layers, this mattress is ideal for those who love to sleep on their backs and stomachs
Tulo Firm Foam Mattress View On Amazon
3. Modway Premium Aveline Elysse (Budget Pick)
This hybrid mattress made of five different layers is the most affordable on our list!
Modway Premium Aveline Elysse
View On Amazon
4. Sweetnight 12 inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress (Best for Stomach Sleepers)
A two-sided mattress will be ideal for those not sure which firmness to choose – this one allows to try two different options!
Sweetnight 12 inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress
View On Amazon
5. Bear Mattress Queen (Best Memory Foam Mattress)
CertiPUR-US certified, this mattress claims to be 100-% chemicals free and is covered with a revolutionary Celliant technology fabric
Bear Mattress Queen
View On Amazon
6. Zinus Ultima Comfort 12 Inch (Most Durable)
Nice pick for practically any type of sleeper, contains natural green tea extract and active charcoal
Zinus Ultima Comfort 12 Inch
View On Amazon
7. LUCID 16 Inch Plush Gel Memory Foam and Latex Mattress (The Thickest)
Made of memory foam and latex, this thick mattress gives you good support and softness throughout the night
LUCID 16 Inch Plush Gel Memory Foam and Latex Mattress View On Amazon

Different Types Of Mattresses

Chance are that you’ve heard of the most common materials used in mattresses, but you aren’t completely familiar with their relative advantages and disadvantages. We’re lucky in the sense that there are plenty of mattresses and mattress types to choose from nowadays, but making a decision can be hard given the marketing rhetoric from all of these brands.

It’s hard to know exactly what a bed is like without actually trying it in person. With that in mind, here’s even more information about the beds on this list. Just so you know, we have published a number of other mattress reviews on our website.


1. Layla Sleep Memory Foam Queen Mattress – Best All-Around Mattress under $1000


  • Type: memory foam
  • Thickness: 10 inches
  • Number of layers: 4
  • Firmness: adjustable – firm; medium plush
  • Certification: CertiPUR-US
  • Extra features: 120-night trial; copper-infused

The first things that should catch your eye when you look at this mattress are the warranty and the trial period. The company that manufactures this mattress is so sure that you are going to absolutely love it that they offer a lifetime warranty on the mattress and a four-month trial period. This is truly one of the best values out there for any mattress and makes this one a strong contender for the best mattress under $1000 overall.

This is a memory mattress that uses copper infused memory foam to provide you with all the support that you need for a good night’s sleep. Of course, this copper isn’t there to add any support. Instead, the copper works to draw heat away from your body and push it down to the bottom of the mattress. This feature makes it one of the coolest sleeping mattresses on the market today, which is great for anyone who is always a bit too hot.

The Layla is nice and thick but is definitely not overstuffed. It consists of three different layers of memory foam that are surrounded by a thermos gel finish cover. This cover is designed to help keep you cool all night long, but only when it needs to. It will only activate when it comes into contact with humidity or perspiration.

This mattress is perfect for couples. Even if one of you is a restless kind of sleeper, you shouldn’t disturb your partner at all. The different layers of memory foam work well together to soften any movement so that you shouldn’t be woken if your partner gets up in the middle of the night.


  • Built-in cooling system
  • Good for all sleeping positions
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Extra Thick
  • 120 night trial period
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Might be too thick for higher beds

2. Tulo Firm Foam Mattress


  • Type: polyurethane foam
  • Thickness: 10 inches
  • Number of layers: 4
  • Firmness: firm
  • Certification: CertiPUR-US

Extra features: encased in a combination of breathable knitted polyester and Tencel blended fabric

What makes this mattress stand out from the crowd is the way that it arrives at your door. The Tulo mattress will arrive at your home in an easy to manage box, which makes it quick and simple to get into your house and even up the stairs without too much of a struggle.

This is a huge improvement over mattresses that are more rigid. Even if you are by yourself, you will have no problem getting this mattress into place in your home.

However, if you don’t want to do it yourself, you don’t have to. You can schedule a delivery with the company, and they will, free of charge, bring the mattress into your home and get it set up for you. This is very helpful, as it gets rid of the risk of your mattress being stolen, and also saves you from having to carry the box yourself.

The mattress is comprised entirely out of memory foam. While this will provide you with a comfortable sleeping experience that supports your back and joints, it might also be a bit too warm for some sleepers. Since there are no built-in cooling systems for this mattress, it does tend to get hot as the night goes on. This mattress is available in different firmness levels, which makes it a good choice for pretty much any type of sleeper.

  • Long warranty
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Good for back or stomach sleepers
  • Low breathability

3. Modway Premium Aveline Elysse – Budget Pick


  • Thickness: 12 inches
  • Number of layers: 5
  • Firmness: firm
  • Certification: CertiPUR-US

Extra features:  comes vacuum-packed and rolled to fit into a box; supports up to 300 lbs

Out of all the mattresses on this list, this is the second thickest mattress. This system of support helps make it one of the firmest mattresses out there at this price point, which, in turn, makes it great for back sleepers. If you are a side sleeper, then this is probably not the best mattress for you, as it will not allow your joints to be properly aligned.

The reason that the springs are so durable on this mattress is that they are individually encased. Since they are not dependent on each other to work, you won’t notice if only one of them or a few of them begin to fail over time. This is very different from an integrated spring system. With this type of spring system, if one part fails, the entire system is compromised. Thankfully, that is not the case for this mattress.

Of course, the only downside of a spring system mattress is that it has a much higher level of motion transfer than an all memory foam mattress. If you are a restless sleeper, it might not be a good mattress for you, as you will probably wake yourself or your partner up during the night on it.

This mattress might be a bit difficult to get into place, even though it comes packaged in a box. The springs make this a pretty hefty mattress, so if you intend to get it, be sure that you have a friend along to help you lift it into your bedroom.


  • Long warranty
  • Good for back sleepers
  • Durable
  • Easy to position on the bed upon delivery


  • Too firm for side sleepers

4. Sweetnight 12 inches Gel Memory Foam Mattress – Best for Stomach Sleepers


  • Type: Gel memory foam
  • Thickness: 12 inches
  • Number of layers: 3
  • Firmness: medium firm
  • Certification: CertiPUR-US

Extra features: compressed, rolled & shipped in a box

This is a great mattress for someone who is a stomach sleeper. It is very supportive and has a medium firmness. This firmness level will help to keep everything in line while you sleep, which will allow you to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for your day.

The only real problem with this mattress is that it is available only in queen and king sizes. If you do not have this size of the bed, then, unfortunately, this mattress is not going to work for you. It features three different layers, which include two layers of gel-infused memory foam, and the third layer of support foam.

This mattress is also an amazing value because it is actually two mattresses in one. Depending on which side you have facing up, you will be able to experience a different firmness level. This will help you determine exactly which type of firmness works for you, making it a good pick at an affordable price.

This mattress comes with a quite long warranty. You will have ten years from the time that you purchase the mattress to return it for a full refund. This should give you plenty of time to try the mattress out and see if it will work for you and your sleeping needs.


  • Long warranty
  • Supportive
  • Easy to position
  • CertiPUR-US certified


  • Only comes in two sizes

5. Bear Mattress Queen – Best Memory Foam Mattress


  • Type: memory foam
  • Thickness: 10 inches
  • Number of layers: 4
  • Firmness: medium
  • Certification: CertiPUR-US

Extra features: Celliant® Technology-infused cover

If you are in the market for a versatile mattress that comes in a wide variety of sizes, then this might be your perfect choice. It features four different layers of memory foam, which will provide a supportive and contoured sleeping experience, no matter what position you choose to sleep in.

This mattress was designed specifically for active people and athletes so that they could recover from athletic activities quickly, without a lot of muscle pain. The top cover is made from fabric that uses Celliant technology. This fabric is designed to transform a person’s natural body radiation into a therapeutic type of infrared energy, which works to soothe sore muscles while you sleep.

Although this mattress claims to be highly breathable, this isn’t the case. As with most memory foam mattresses, this one starts off the night nice and cool but quickly builds up heat throughout the night. Since the foam is so dense, there isn’t any way for the heat to dissipate quickly, which might be a problem if you are a warmer sleeper. Of course, if you are always cold, then this will be a big help.

Another good quality for this mattress is that it is 100% chemical-free. Even when it is first delivered, you shouldn’t notice too much of a smell. This mattress is CertiPUR-US certified, which means that not only can it give you a good night’s rest, but it will also help keep our world a bit nicer.


  • Good for all types of sleepers
  • Long warranty
  • CertiPUR-US certified


  • Low breathability

6. Zinus Ultima Comfort 12 Inch – Most Durable


  • Type: springs and foam
  • Thickness: 12 inches
  • Number of layers: 4
  • Firmness: medium
  • Certification: CertiPUR-US

Extra features: contains natural green tea extract and active charcoal; foam and fiber quilted cover with jacquard fabric

If you are looking for a highly durable mattress that isn’t going to break the bank, then this might be the right mattress for you. It is a hybrid mattress that uses a durable spring system and a foam top layer to provide a medium firmness sleep experience. This makes it a good choice for pretty much any type of sleeper, but especially for back sleepers.

This mattress comes with a nice long warranty, which is a good idea. You will want to make sure that you use this mattress with a box spring or a platform bed with a solid foundation. Otherwise, even though the springs are built to last and are of high-quality, they could start to sag. If this occurs, you probably are not going to be able to get a very good night’s sleep.

Another great feature for this mattress is that it has a layer of activated charcoal built into it. Not only will this help to keep odors to a minimum, but it will also help to practically eliminate any bacteria that would usually form on a mattress. This will keep you from getting sick, and, in turn, will also help you get an even better night’s rest.

The two separate memory foam layers work quite well together. This combination works to relieve any pressure that you might feel, while also keeping you quite cool, which is surprising for a memory foam mattress.


  • Antimicrobial
  • Long warranty
  • Durable spring system


  • Best if used with a box spring; might start to sag if used alone

7. LUCID 16 Inch Plush Gel Memory Foam and Latex Mattress – The Thickest


  • Type: memory foam + latex
  • Thickness: 16 inches
  • Number of layers: 4
  • Firmness: plush
  • Certification: CertiPUR-US

Extra features: bamboo charcoal top layer, Tencel blend cover

This mattress also has a bamboo-derived charcoal-infused top layer. This layer is designed with two different purposes in mind. It is meant to help eliminate odors and also to prevent the spread of bacteria. This layer will help you breathe easier during the night to keep you healthy.

This is probably the best mattress for side sleepers on our list. It is super soft, which makes it easier for someone who sleeps on their side to get comfortable. It will give you enough support on your joints and back to make sure that everything is aligned correctly. This will allow you to get a good night’s sleep without being sore in the morning from laying on your side all night long.

Since this bed is so plush, it is also a great bed for couples. Even if one of you is a restless sleeper, the other person will most likely not be disturbed on this mattress. The soft plush design helps eliminate any motion transfer, which will help both of you rest easier.


  • Antimicrobial top layer
  • Long warranty
  • Comes with cover
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Good for side sleepers


  • Not perfect for back sleepers

 Buying Guide

It’s not that easy to find a perfect mattress if you don’t know what to look for. In this section, we will give all the information you need to know to find the best mattress under $1000.

Is it possible to buy a good mattress for less than $1000?

The short answer is: yes! While most people (especially salespeople) will tell you that you need to spend thousands of dollars to find a good mattress, this isn’t the case anymore. For $1000 or less, you can easily find a high-quality, durable mattress that will last you a good long time.

Of course, this will also depend on what you are looking for in a mattress. Everyone has their own sleep preferences, body types, and positional preferences. These will all play a big part in finding the right mattress. However, no matter what kind of a sleeper you are, don’t worry, there is a budget-friendly mattress out there that will work perfectly for you.

Features to consider while choosing a mattress

Type of Mattress

There are several different mattress types that you can choose from when you are looking for a new one. They are as follows:

  • Memory Foam – If you are looking for one of the most supportive materials in the world, then memory foam might be the right fit for you. These mattresses are made out of a specialized polyurethane foam, which softens when it comes into contact with your body. This allows it to conform to your body’s shape, which in turn gives you a customized support system. These beds are usually very durable and long-lasting, though they do tend to be less breathable than some other mattress types.
  • Innerspring – These mattresses rely on an internal spring system to support you. These beds are usually the most budget-friendly, but they also break down the quickest, especially if you don’t use a box spring for extra support and stability.
  • Latex – Such mattresses are made with all-natural or synthetic latex. While these materials are not quite as supportive as memory foam, they are even more durable. Plus, they have air channels built right into them, making them highly breathable.
  • Hybrid – Hybrid beds use a combination of mattress types to try and create a mattress that will deliver a comfortable, durable, and restful sleeping experience. They usually have an innerspring core that is then covered with a layer of memory or latex foam.


The thickness of the mattress will play a large part in determining the amount of support that you will experience during the night. If you go for a slimmer mattress, it will usually give you a smaller amount of support and durability, while a thicker mattress will usually be more supportive.

The thickness of the mattress that you select will also be largely dependent on whether or not you are going to use a box spring.

Number of layers

The number of layers that a mattress has will help to determine what type of support you can expect while you are sleeping on the mattress. The number of layers will also go a long way towards determining how firm or soft a mattress is.

Basically, the more layers you have, the softer the mattress is. Conversely, the smaller the number of layers, the firmer the mattress will be. The material that is used in the layers also plays a big part in how supportive a mattress will be, with memory foam usually being the best in this regard.


Depending on what type of a sleeper you are and your body type, you will need to know how firm your mattress needs to be before you purchase it. For instance, if you are someone who usually sleeps on their back, you will probably be better off with a firmer mattress, as this will give you the support you need to keep your head, neck, and spine at the same level with each other.

On the other hand, if you are someone who sleeps on their sides, then you will want to get a softer mattress. This will allow your body to sink down lower than your head, which will help keep your head, neck, and back aligned properly at night.


Even though we are looking at mattresses that are more budget-friendly, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t expect them to be certified. These certifications are meant to inform the consumers that a mattress has been tested to be safe for use as a mattress, free of chemicals, hypoallergenic, and a long list of other beneficial features that you should look for in a mattress.


Even at this price point, such mattresses are quite an investment and accidents can and will happen. That is why you need to make sure that you get a mattress with a good warranty or even a trial period. That way, you won’t spend a ton of money and be stuck with a mattress that doesn’t work for you or gets damaged in some way.

Extra features

There is a whole host of special features that you might want to keep an eye out for when you are looking for a mattress. This can include specialized covers, different firmness levels, temperature regulation technology, and even how they are shipped to your home. Lots of these budget-friendly mattresses will come rolled up and vacuum sealed, which makes them easy to get into position on your bed, even if you are all alone.


My mattress is CertiPUR-US certified. What does it mean?

The tagline for this certification states that such mattresses are made with “foams that feel good, and you can feel good about.”

What this means is that these mattresses are made without chemicals that could harm you or the environment. So not only will you be getting a good night’s sleep with these mattresses, but you will be helping the Earth stay a little bit cleaner.

Which firmness is the best for side sleepers?

While it might go against your first inclination, side sleepers should always go for a softer mattress. While it is true that you need good support during the night, you also need to make sure that your pressure points are getting the relief that they need.

A softer mattress will allow your body to sink in just enough so that your head, neck, and back can all be level with each other, which will help you get a good night’s rest. Mattress topper for side sleepers will become a great help in making the mattress softer.

Which mattress is antibacterial?

Out of all of the mattresses that we have compiled on this list, both the Zinus Ultima Comfort 12 Inch and the LUCID 16 Inch Plush Gel Memory Foam and Latex Mattress are considered to be antibacterial. They achieve this with a layer of charcoal, which acts as a filter to keep bacteria from growing on the mattress.

I suffer from back pain. Which mattresses are the best in my case?

If you are suffering from back pain while you sleep, probably your mattress is too soft. A firmer mattress will help keep your body in line, which should alleviate your back pain. The Layla Sleep Memory Foam Queen Mattress would be a good choice. On the one side, it is firm and on the other side, it’s medium-soft. This will allow you to try out two different firmness levels to see which one will help get rid of that nagging back pain.

For additional comfort, you might want to buy a mattress topper for back pain relief.

Our Verdict

After careful consideration, we have concluded that the Layla Sleep Memory Foam Queen Mattress is by far the best mattress under $1000. It is great for pretty much any sleep position. It is also a good choice for warmer sleepers since it is infused with copper to help draw heat away from your body as you sleep.

Of course, if you are looking for a firmer mattress than the Layla, you could always go for the Tulo Firm Foam Mattress. This mattress is quick and easy to get into your home, even if you choose to do it yourself. It is lightweight and super firm, which makes it perfect for a back sleeper.

If you are trying to save money but still want the best mattress under $1000 you can find, then you’ll want to check out the Modway Premium Aveline Elysse. Even though it is on the cheaper side, it is still a very good mattress. It uses memory foam and springs to provide the support that you need for a good night’s rest.

If you need to look through mattresses in different price categories, you shall read our reviews on mattresses under $500 and mattresses under $300.

Buying Guide: Best Mattresses Under $1,000

King Size Mattress For $1,000

It’s rare to find a king-size bed for under a thousand dollars, however, we make an effort to find a bed whenever we update this list. If you check the list above, we have a designation for “budget” or something to that effect. Typically, that bed is under $1,000 for the king size.

Polyurethane Foam

This is the most common Foam that you’ll see with online mattresses. It comes in various thicknesses, densities, and firmness levels, and is incredibly affordable to manufacture. You will generally see it as the foundation for all-foam beds and even the middle and top layers depending on the mattress. While it’s affordable, it also can be really comfortable and there are a lot of people that like its more neutral feel. On our list of the best RV mattresses, we mainly link to poly foam beds because they offer such a good blend between price and comfort.

Memory Foam Mattresses Under $1,000

This is just polyurethane foam, but with a viscous material injected to make it remember shapes, hence the name “memory” foam. It is fairly cheap to manufacture, but is usually great in terms of pressure relief and support. It also can be somewhat of a dividing material—some people love it and some people really don’t. If you’re not sure whether you like memory foam or not, you may want to stop in your local mattress store to see how it feels. Chances are, the store will have a wide selection of memory foam beds for you to test. Alternatively, you can also take advantage of the generous risk-free trial periods online companies offer.

In terms of downsides, it can warm up as it contours to your body and retains heat. It can also make switching positions a little more difficult. And it tends to feel firmer when in colder environments and softer in warmer environments—not surprisingly, some people do not like this. We’ve also posted a review of the best memory foam mattresses.


Innersprings are more of a traditional support system and—like anything—they have pros and cons. On the positive end, the innerspring can be very supportive and grant the bed a little of that bounce that you may be used to and prefer. Also, they allow for plenty of airflows and typically last longer than their polyfoam counterparts, especially for heavy folks. As for the negatives, innerspring generally transfer motion more, which can disrupt your partner if you’re active during your sleep. And given how much space there is between the coils, there is technically more room for dust mites, which may perturb people with allergies.

Pocketed Coils

While innerspring can have issues with motion transfer, pocketed coils tend to be much better here. Unlike an innerspring unit, pocketed coils are just individually-wrapped coils that are stacked next to each other. Therefore, the motion or pressure on one coil doesn’t necessarily impact the other. Like innerspring, pocketed coils are generally regarded as being more durable and supportive than foam materials, particularly for heavier individuals who can wear down thin, all-foam mattresses in short order. Just so you know, we’ve also published a list of the best hybrid and spring mattresses.


This is a natural material actually made from the sap of a rubber tree. Latex (whether Talalay or Dunlop) is bouncy, airy, and really supportive. In fact, if you lay on an entire latex mattress it may actually feel like the bed has Spring, that’s how bouncy the material is. As such, it tends to be very resilient and you’ll end up sleeping more on the mattress rather than in it. It’s naturally cooler than a lot of poly foam products, as well. There are a lot of people that are drawn to latex because it’s natural (mostly), durable, responsive, and comfortable, but latex beds tend to be quite expensive, heavy, and hard to move, which is partly why you see so many polyfoam beds out there.

How Far Will $1000 Go?

You can easily spend thousands of dollars on a new mattress, but you don’t have to. You can get a high-quality sleep experience for $1,000 or less. If you do your homework, check out reviews, and understand what features are important to you, you’ll be able to get a good bed on your budget.


Mattresses come in four basic types: foam, latex, innerspring, and hybrid. There’s more on those specifics in the mattress type section below. With any of these mattress types, you should expect quality and durability when spending close to $1,000. The type of mattress that best works for you will depend on your preferences and the specific kind of mattress performance that you are looking for.


How long a mattress lasts depends on the quality of the materials, frequency of use, bodyweight of the sleeper(s), and other factors. If you’re buying a guest bed that will only be used occasionally, you may be pleased to find it will last a decade or longer.

If the bed you’re buying is for your bedroom and will be slept on nightly, a 6 to 10-year lifespan is a reasonable expectation. If you have a higher body mass index (BMI), you might need to replace your mattress sooner if the materials begin to break down.

Additionally, the sleep trial and warranty offered are important considerations. At the $1,000 price point, you should expect at least a 10-year warranty for defects and 70-120 nights for a sleep trial that allows you to return the bed for a full refund if it doesn’t perform to your satisfaction.

Support and Comfort

It’s important to note that support and comfort are two unique concepts. Comfort is a subjective measure of how the bed feels to you. Support relates to how well the mattress promotes proper spinal alignment.

What is comfortable for one person may not be comfortable for another since everyone has unique needs and preferences. A common way to understand comfort is through mattress firmness.

Mattress firmness is rated on a scale from 1 to 10. A rating of one is ultra-plush, and ten is extra firm. The numbers can guide you, but what’s more important is your sleep experience.

How the support and comfort layers of the bed respond to your body drives overall satisfaction. Depending on your preferences, you might want a mattress that is harder or softer, and you may need different levels of responsiveness in order to keep your body well-aligned. For $1,000 you can find a mattress that’s soft, medium, or firm, that feels good to you, and that helps you wake up without aches and pains.

Added Features

Some special features that you might want in your new mattress can increase the cost but may be worth the added expense. If there’s a specific feature that’s important to you, make sure to note which manufacturers and models include it.

Some features to consider when looking at the best beds for under $1,000 including those listed in the sections below.


Handles were once standard, but now, newer models don’t always come with them. Many modern mattresses don’t need to be flipped or rotated, so handles might not be so important. However, if you relocate frequently or the mattress is designed to flip, handles can be a nice added feature.


If you’re eco-conscious or have allergies to synthetics, you might want an organic bed. Typically, all-natural products are costlier, so you might need to increase your budget to get an all-natural mattress. Be aware that depending on their construction organic materials may break down faster and are sometimes less durable.

Removable cover

For those who have kids or pets or who like to eat and snack while lying in bed, a removable cover can be an advantage. If you get a stain, unzipping and washing the cover might be better than trying to sop up a stain. A removable cover also allows you to clean spills on lower layers.

Dual firmness

Some newer beds are designed with variable firmness for each side of the mattress. Dual design beds are firmer on one side and softer on the other. This option allows you to customize your sleep experience and change things up if your preferences change.


For customers who want a personalized mattress, there are manufacturers who offer custom designs that arrange the materials to your specifications. Some models are designed with one side of the bed having a different feel from the other to suit the needs of couples.

White glove service

Some mattress manufacturers offer concierge service where they bring in the mattress, set it up for you, and take away your old mattress. Not all mattress makers offer this upgraded service, but if you can’t or don’t want to set the mattress up yourself, this can be a nice perk.

What Types of Mattresses Are Available?

Mattresses come in four basic types: foam, latex, innerspring, and hybrid.

Latex is more costly, heavier, and quite durable. Innerspring mattresses use the oldest and most well-known internal construction that is based on compression of coils. Foam is a synthetic material that comes in a range of options while hybrid beds are a combination of these materials.

When searching for a $1,000 mattress, it’s vital to understand the materials and construction of each product.

Foam Latex Innerspring Hybrid

You can get foam mattresses made of polyurethane, memory foam, or a blend of both materials. Polyfoam and memory foam can have a distinct feel, especially based on how the polyfoam has been formulated. Some polyfoam is manufactured to have characteristics similar to latex or memory foam.Memory foam, also known as viscoelastic foam, is denser and thicker and tends to sleep warmer than other materials. Foam mattresses can rate from plush to very firm. On a $1,000 mattress budget, you can get a comfortable and high-quality foam bed if you do your homework and shop wisely.