10 Best Camping Air Mattress for Couples Reviewed in 2020

Best Camping Air Mattress
Best Camping Air Mattress

Camping is one of the best and the most fun adventure you ought to try. Whether with your couples, family, or friends. A mattress is one of the critical items you will need when packing for your camping trip. Nevertheless, this is something many people ignore, and as a result, they experience bad sleep. This has led to many people not wanting to go back camping again. Not many people want to trade their sleeping comfort with anything. But do you know camping doesn’t mean you will not get to enjoy your good sleep? With the right air mattress, you will have a fantastic rest at night after your day’s adventures.

So, which is the best air mattress for camping and how do you determine which suits you well. Well, this article will provide all the questions you may have about camping air mattresses like the factors to consider when buying one and the reviews on the best air mattresses for camping. Therefore, if you want to have the best camping moments, this is a must-read article for you. If not so, you may end up getting a poor camping mattress that will prevent you from having a great moment.

Are air mattresses suitable for camping

During your camping, you wouldn’t want to have heavy luggage that will become a burden for you. That is why a standard mattress will not be appropriate for camping due to the size and heavyweight. Carrying the mattress itself is tiring, not alone setting it up, then realize it’s bigger than your camping space. That’s why air mattresses are the most appropriate for camping.

An air mattress is a blow-up or aired bed that can be compressed and stored or carried in a smaller form. That means you can fit it in your bag together with other items. It not only easily carriable but also gives you great support and comfort in your tent. It makes you bring your bedroom to your camping tent or shelter. So, if you are going out camping, an air mattress is the best.

What is the best camping air mattress to buy?

With the many kinds of air mattresses, it can be difficult to tell which one is good for camping. Of course, it is crucial to note that not all air mattresses will be appropriate for camping, some are good for indoors while others are suitable for both indoors and outdoors. So, which is the best camping air mattress to buy?

Many air mattresses are good, and you can get any of them. But how do you know which one? The best air mattress for camping to buy is one that will suit all your needs in terms of purpose, comfortability, and size.

What is the most comfortable camping mattress?

Comfort is one of the critical things that people seek out in any mattress. A mattress that will not give you the comfort, or will make you wake up feeling even more exhausted is not worth buying. So, it is essential to ensure you get the most comfortable air mattress you can.

Comfort is highly dependent on the firmness of the mattress. The firmer your mattress is, the more comfortable you will feel. The materials used in making the mattress are what determines how firm the mattress will be. If the materials used are of low quality, the less firm the mattress will be, and the opposite is also true.

What do you put under an air mattress when camping?

There are various reasons why it is essential to put something underneath your air mattress. You can do it to keep off the cold, avoid the mattress from moving, or to prevent the bottom of your mattress from getting all dirty. Sometimes, the circulation provided by the air mattress is not sufficient, especially in hot waters. So, what are these things that you can add to enhance protection, ventilation, and comfort?


This is a plastic branded material made to offer you extra comfort as well as protect your mattress from slick areas. The product is in tiles form, making it easier for you to buy just what will fit your mattress space.


Though this will not help in ventilation, it is excellent in keeping you warm by insulating the entire tent floor. It will also protect your mattress from dirt and other damages.

Tarps or blankets

These are appropriate choices to safeguard the mattress from rocks and keeping it clean.
With either of these products, you are guaranteed extra comfort, and your mattress remains as clean as new.

Heavy Vs. lightweight camping mattress

The heaviness or lightness of an air mattress depends on the kind of materials used in making the mattress. If your camping will involve lots of travel, hiking, and mountain climbing, the most appropriate air mattress for you is a light mattress. This is because you can easily carry it.
However, even as you go for the light mattress, ensure its material is of high quality and durable. But getting a heavier air mattress is advantageous in that it will offer you great comfort than lighter ones. Heavier mattresses also are more durable

What is the optimum size of a camping air mattress?

Air mattresses are available in different sizes ranging from twin, full, and queen sizes. The criteria that ought to guide you in selecting the right size is the size and space of your tent or shelter. Many people ignore these criteria, and they end up complaining when it’s too late. That means, if you have a small tent and end up getting a larger mattress, it will not fit or will leave insufficient space in the tent.

When buying the mattress, these factors may not strike at first, only to realize it later when it’s too late. Therefore, it is essential to first know the size of your tent before making any selection.

Factors to consider when buying a camping air mattress

Whether you are experienced, or it’s your first time purchasing a camping air mattress, there are few things you need to have in mind to ensure you get the best. Failure to consider these things, you may end up getting frustrated during your adventure and end up having regrets. So, what are these crucial things you need to put into considerations?


There are various types of air mattresses, and you need to understand each before making your selection. I am sure you want a mattress that is easy to use. Air mattresses depend on their inflation methods. These types include:
Inflatable: These are kinds that you need to inflate using an air pump or your mouth. To get them to full capacity, you will require a bit of effort.
Self-inflating: These are the mattresses that once you open the valve, they inflate themselves. This prevents using a lot of time pumping the mattress.
Closed-cell: With these mattresses, you do not need to pump them since the air naturally fills the foam. With these types in mind, you can select any type appropriate for you.


This is an essential factor if you want to have an easy time camping. Imagine a scenario where you hop in a stall and buy an air mattress blindly, only to realize when it’s too late that it is bigger than your tent. Of course, you will have no choice but bear with the situation and the discomfort, but I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be in such a situation. it is, therefore, crucial to have an idea of the size of your tent and buy a mattress that will fit well and leave you enough space to do your stuff while in the tent.


You wouldn’t want to buy a one-time mattress that you will have to replace every time you are going out camping. To avoid extra buying costs every time, get a mattress made of high-quality materials that will give your mattress a long lifespan. It’s better to make a one-time investment that will cost you more rather than buy a cheap and non-durable mattress that will require you to dig in your pocket to buy another every camping adventure.

Comfort and thickness

You don’t need to trade your comfort when sleeping just because you are not in your usual bedroom. If you get a comfortable mattress, you will not even realize you aren’t on your bed. The comfort of the mattress is directly proportional to its thickness and firmness. A thicker air mattress will be more comfortable as it has more air underneath. So, ensure you inflate your mattress well and get a thick and firm pad.


Most air mattresses will require you to inflate them with air. Therefore, the kind of air pump that comes with the mattress will determine the its usability. If you get either a foot or hand pump, it will mean you sweating a bit to pump sufficient air in the mattress. However, other mattresses have electrically run pumps that use batteries or plugging in the unit to power. These make it easier and faster for you to inflate the bed.


The purpose of your air mattress is also a crucial factor to consider before you make your purchase. You could be seeking to get an air mattress purely for camping or use it to sleep on even while at home. An air mattress is also a good option as a guest bed. Before you make any purchase, ensure you have a clear purpose for your mattress. But it’s wise to get a mattress that serves you in various ways.
With these factors, you will get the best you need. But if you still have a problem with getting the best air mattress, here is a review of the ten best air mattresses for 2020.

1. Sound Asleep Dream Series air mattress

Want to have a luxurious camping experience, get Sound asleep dream series air mattress. With this mattress, you are sure to get the utmost comfort. The mattress is not only suitable for camping alone, but you can also use it as your bed or for guests. Many customers who have used it have expressed great satisfaction in the product. It has great features that make it among the best air mattresses. These features include:

Leading industry design

With many designs used in making a different kind of products, the Sound asleep mattress is uniquely designed using ComfortCoil technology. The technology involves about forty internal air coils. This enhances support, making the mattress firmer as well as increase durability.
The mattress also has a double-height design that gives you a feeling like you are sleeping on your usual bed mattress.

In-built pump

The pump makes it easier for the mattress to inflate or deflate without you having to use your effort. Inflation takes very little time of about less than four minutes. However, for the pump to work, you will require an electric socket, so you need to have access to electricity.

Sure-Grip bottom

This feature prevents the mattress from sliding around the ground while you turn in your sleep.

Carry bag

When you buy this product, you won’t have the worries of how to carry it since it comes with a carry bag.

Different sizes

You can find this product in different sizes, ranging from twin, twin XL, king, and queen. Therefore, no matter the size of your tent or shelter, you are sure to get the right size that will fit.

Waterproof flocked top

The feature makes it more durable since it won’t be affected by water, which can reduce its lifespan.


  • It is highly durable
  • It easily and quickly inflates and deflates
  • It gives great comfort


  • It’s quite heavy with a weight of about 8.6 kgs

With this mattress, you are sure of sleeping soundly throughout the night.

2. Sable Camping Air Mattress Queen Size Inflatable Air Bed

If you are the kind of person, who can’t comfortably sleep unless, in your bed, this is the best air mattress choice for you. It gives a real bed-like comfort. So, regardless of where you go camping, you will never miss the comfort of your real bed. Its outstanding features make it very appropriate for your camping experience. So, what are these features?


Sable camping mattresses are made using environmentally friendly and high-quality materials. It also has an added top layer of about 0.6 mm, making it better in insulation compared to other regular air mattresses. It also has seamless welding on the sides, and thus, preventing air leakage as you sleep. The materials are of high quality giving it a long lifespan.


The Sable air mattresses come in different sizes. You can get the size that well suits your tent space. The sizes range from twin, queen size with a pump, and queen size. The dimensions of the bed are 80*60*8 inches, but it occupies minimal space in a room.

Integrated pillow design

This is an outstanding feature, whereas the mattress inflates, the upper side can rise as a pillow, offering your head great support.

I-beam air coils

These coils help in adjusting your body weight, shape, and your sleeping posture.

In-built pump

The pump aids easier inflation and deflation of the mattress in just a few minutes with no human effort required.


  • It is highly durable and offers great comfort
  • It easily inflates and deflates


  • Only the queen size comes with a pump

3. WEY & FLY SUV Air mattress thickened and double-sided flocking travel mattress camping air bed

Looking for a thick mattress with an exquisite design, look no more. WEY&FLY SUV air mattress is what you need. It is an inflatable air mattress designed to offer you the comfort you need as you rest from the day’s tiring activities. The mattress can be used for both indoor and outdoor activities, such as camping and sports. So, what features does the mattress have to make it among the best air mattresses?


WEY & FLY SUV mattresses are made using sturdy materials that make the mattress firm and improve its durability. The durable materials make it perfect for traveling as well as camping needs.

Separate inflation segments

This product features four separate inflation segments making it easier and efficient for you to fully or partially inflate the mattress. This will make it possible for it to fit in any space, including in your car seat.

High load capacity

The WEY & FLY SU air mattress has a load capacity of about 260 kilograms. That means you can sleep alone or with another person or even two people without the worry of deflation due to heavyweight.

Easy to install

All you need to inflate the mattress is plug in the pump into the socket and pump the air. The air mattress also adapts well to all weather conditions. So, you do not have to worry about the weather.


  • It is easy to carry
  • It can be used on various occasions for instance in your car as a resting bed or as a camping bed
  • It has a high durability
  • It is stable against shock and pressure


  • It is a bit bigger when folded
  • It is not suitable for tall people

This is a great product for the comfort you are looking for, but before you pick this air mattress, you need to research the price.

4. AirExpect Air Mattress Camping Airbed Queen- and twin-size leak proof inflatable mattress with rechargeable electric pump built-in

This is a perfect air mattress for camping with great features that make it a hot cake for many campers. Do you want to have an unforgettable experience of camping? This particular mattress will ensure you get that experience. It has features like:

Waterproof surface

The mattress is made using waterproof materials. This feature gives the mattress a long lifespan since it cannot be damaged by water. It is also resistant to punctures that could cause leaks.

Duracoil technology

The air mattress consists of forty air coils that offer ideal support, which maintains a good alignment for your spine.

Wireless rechargeable pump

The pump makes it easy to inflate or deflate the mattress after use. The pump is also portable, so you can use it anywhere.


  • It is very comfortable
  • It comes with a carry bag


  • The pump does not have a charge signal

5. SoundAsleep camping series air mattress with eco-friendly PVC included rechargeable air pump

Are you looking for the best camping air mattress that will give you the comfort you leave behind on your bed as you go for your adventure? SoundAsleep camping series air mattress will provide you with that. It combines great technologies to offer you a comfortable sleep and durability as well. You can call it a one in all mattresses. It has the following features:

Quality materials

This mattress features durable and high-quality materials making it perfect to last long. The extra thick material guarantees you protection from the cold ground and good insulation.


The mattresses are available in queen-sized and twin-sized mattresses. Therefore, you can order one which fits the space you have.

External pump

The mattress comes with an external pump that makes it easy to inflate and deflate. This mattress also features a heavy-duty rechargeable battery. Inflating the mattress using the pump takes just about three minutes.

I-beam coils

The mattress design uses eco-friendly PVC and I-beam air coils that enhances durability and comfortable sleep all night long.


  • It comes with a carry bag, making it easy to carry or store
  • It has optional sizes
  • Its inflation and deflation are quite easy
  • It contains a pump with a rechargeable battery


  • The pump does not have a charge indicator

SoundAsleep Camping mattress is the best choice for camping, especially with its waterproof fabric that guarantees a longer lifespan.

6. OlarHike Twin air mattress with electric pump

This is a perfect camping mattress that comes with pillows to ensure that even as you have a great adventure outdoors, you also get a comfortable sleep. OlarHike twin air mattress is ideal for all occasions, be it camping, traveling, hiking, or as temporary beds. Its other features include:

Thick material

The mattress has an extra-thick material, making it firm and more durable. Though the materials are sturdy, the mattress is lightweight, and transporting it is pretty. Its durability will save you the hassle of buying a new mattress anytime you want to go camping.


The mattress package comes with an electric handled pump and two power adapters, which permits you to plug it outdoors with your car or indoors at home.


It has a height of 9 inches from the ground keeping you away from the cold from the ground. This gives you a comfortable sleep. It also doesn’t consume a lot of space, so you won’t have to worry about having a small space.

Good capacity

The mattress can hold about 300 pounds, and this means you can sleep peacefully without the worry of deflation during your sleep.


  • It has a portable pump
  • It comes with pillows that offer great support for your head


  • It cannot support three people if they are heavyweight

7. Icefox inflatable lounger air sofa

You cannot only use this mattress as your bed, but it can also float on water. So, you can use it to enjoy a nice relaxation in the pool. Many people prefer this inflatable pool float because of its amazing features like:

Easy to inflate

Unlike many other float sofas, you do not need to pump or blow air to inflate it. All you need is to have the air inlet open and hold it against the wind. Within a few seconds, your sofa will be fully inflated.


The sofa has highly durable materials that are also resistant to tear, and its surface is comfortable as well. It also offers great stability in the water.


Many factors that limit a lot of people from having adventures is heavyweight mattresses and sofas. Icefox inflatable air sofa is light and comes with a storage bag, making it convenient to carry and travel with.


  • It is easy to carry and use
  • It provides great support and comfort


  • When there is no wind you have to pump it or blow air with your mouth to inflate

8. Intex comfort plush elevated dura-beam airbed with the internal electric pump

If you are the kind of person that finds it difficult to get down to the floor, then this particular air mattress is what you need. The mattress has a thickness of 22 inches, making it one of the tallest mattresses in the market. It gives you a feel like that of a real bed. You would think that it is very costly due to that height, but no, you can get it at a very reasonable price. Here are some of the features that make it unique.

Built-in electric pump

This feature makes it pretty easy and efficient to use. It takes just a few minutes to get fully inflated. the pump will also deflate the mattress after you are done using it.

Waterproof top

This makes it more durable since it cannot be damaged by water that reduces its lifespan.

Intex comfort plush air mattress is made of high-quality materials, making it firmer and more durable. So, when you buy it for a long time, you will not have to go back to the store looking for a mattress.

High capacity

The mattress can hold about 600 pounds. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about deflation when using it with your family of three or four.


  • Setting it up is quite easy
  • It gives a lot of comforts
  • It has a small size when folded


  • You will have to get a different pump if you have no access to electricity

Despite this one disadvantage, once you get it, you have the guarantee of great comfort and experience.

9. Intex classic downy airbed set with 2 pillows and double-quick hand pump, queen

If you want to get a right camping mattress with an excellent budget, this is the mattress to get. This is a mattress that has turned out to be a hot cake in the market. You will get all you need from comfort to durability, all at an amicable price. It has the following features:

High-quality materials

It is made using extra-thick materials giving it durability and also makes it puncture resistant. That means that no matter where you are camping, you have no worries about it getting damaged.

Waterproof top

The waterproof surface makes it comfortable and soft to sleep on even without sheets. It also makes it less noisy and gives it a longer lifespan.

Has a carry bag

The carry bag makes it easy to transport and store. You can travel with it since it’s quite light.

In-built pump

The mattress comes with an electric pump that is in-built, making it inflate quickly. This feature also makes it easy to use since no electricity is required for it to function.

Built-in pillows

Isn’t this amazing, you don’t have to carry a pillow with you. The mattress has an in-built pillow running along the top of the mattress. The pillows are very comfortable and have high durability.


  • It is easy to use
  • It inflates quickly
  • It has a lightweight


  • If you have no access to electricity, you will need another pump

10. Coleman camping cot, air mattress, and pump combo

Looking to make out of your investment? Coleman Cot camping ensures that you get a product worthy of your every penny. It is designed to give you the utmost convenience and comfort. Why is this considered among the best and most comfortable air mattresses for camping?

The robust and portable frame

The frame is 22 inches from the ground, giving it a standard bed height. This feature ensures you remain safe from insects nearby and the cold ground. The frame also assists in removing knee or backaches that result from sleeping on straight sleeping air pads. The fantastic thing is that the frame is collapsible, making it easy to carry around.

A cotton sleeve cover
The cover eradicates any noises even when turning, giving you a peaceful sleep.

Battery- operated pump

The good thing is that you won’t waste your breath away blowing air in due to the 4D battery-operated pump. However, the package is not inclusive of the batteries.

High load capacity

The Coleman camping air mattress can hold up to 600 pounds. This means you don’t have to worry about deflation during your sleep. Just like a regular bed, you can have more than one person on the bed.


  • It supports the body perfectly
  • Its mattress does not produce noise
  • It has a durable and strong frame


  • It’s quite heavy because of the frame

In conclusion, whether you are a newbie in camping or well-experienced, a night of comfortable night sleep is essential. You don’t have to trade your sleep with anything. With the right air mattress, you will enjoy a healthy and peaceful night after the long and tiring day’s activities. If you follow the guidelines in this article, you will enjoy every bit of your camping experience.

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